Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rose Metal Press announces Tinderbox Lawn: Prose Poems by Carol Guess

Rose Metal Press is pleased to announce the publication of TINDERBOX LAWN: PROSE POEMS by Carol Guess.

The jacket copy has this to say: “Set on the margins of Seattle, beneath bridges and on the banks of waterways, in strip clubs and flooded farmland, the prose poems in TINDERBOX LAWN illuminate the intersection of domesticity and bohemia, orthodoxy and passion. Each untitled block of prose constitutes a novel-in-miniature, with shadow characters and shards of plot. The intensity of Carol Guess's poems builds through lyrical language and recurring images, capturing the moment when ‘the small mad heart at the center of things stalls mid-tick.’” Though of course we encourage you to buy the whole thing and see for yourself. You can do that here today.

For those of you on the west coast, you’ll have several opportunities to hear Carol read this November. Be sure to check out our schedule of all upcoming readings, as well as current reviews and interviews, here.


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