Saturday, June 27, 2009

(Carol) Guess Who's in Chicago Part I

Carol "Tinderbox Lawn" Guess is in Chicago all weekend, all the way from Bellingham, Washington, the Evergreen State. Last night, she read at Women & Children First with Hanna "a / long / division" Andrews who was also here, all the way from New York:
See? Here they are during the Q&A: And here they are, just before that... reading: Major thanks to Lynn for hosting the event, and for running such a fantastic bookstore:

Then on Saturday afternoon, Carol (pictured right), Brandi Homan of Switchback Books (pictured left), and I discussed What Makes Poetry Funny (or Not) at Kristy Bowen's studio in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue (pictured behind us):
Brandi talked about humor as a way to present material that is also heartbreaking and/or obscene and read from the work of Jen Knox and Jason Bredle by way of examples.

Here, Carol recommends and reads from Heather Lewis's Notice... ...which Publishers Weekly describes as "searing, graphic and not for the faint of heart," but which Carol pointed out is also funny thanks to the process of comic displacement described by Allan Garganus in his introduction to the book. Thanks to Kristy for hosting us!

Tomorrow night, Carol will read along with three other readers in the Orange Alert Reading Series at 6:00 pm at The Whistler. Be there.

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Wish I'd been there. I love Carol's book.

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