Friday, October 02, 2009

J.A. Tyler takes a story by story walk-through...

...of How Some People Like Their Eggs over at The Chapbook Review, and Sean Lovelace gives some great answers to the interview Qs, including this answer about the importance of celebrity to his writing:

"They are the only gods I see left. The largest drug we take. I mean it’s so fascinating, to know these people’s names and their sex lives and their incomes and all this personal shit, and most of us don’t even know—or want to know!—that about our own family, or the neighbor. I keep asking what is this celebrity phenomenon? It fuels my fiction. I think fiction can provide answers, by working, re-working a thing. I still haven’t figured our obsessive need to follow these people, to like and love them, to desire them, especially when so many of them are clearly awful human beings. Why do I need to see their bodies in bathing suits/baby carriage/crotch shot/newest lover/newest Disney green dress/drug-addled party flesh/DJ/car crash/cancer scare/charity whore/ etc.? Who knows? Are they us, by proxy? Are they who we need or want to be? Are they our personal Satan? Or—and excuse me Depeche Mode—our Jesus? Are they mirror or a cocaine mirror or my reflection on the face of a deep well? Fuck. I really don’t know, so I just keep writing about them. They just appear."

Read the whole piece and pick your fave Q's and A's here. Thanks, J.A. Tyler!

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