Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adam Golaski at the ABA Winter Institute!

Last Friday, Rose Metal author Adam Golaski and I mingled with over 500 independent booksellers at the ABA Winter Institute. The Institute was in Washington, DC, this year, and Adam was chosen by our distributor, Small Press Distribution, to represent them as the featured SPD author.

The show was amazing! The booksellers were super nice and energetic, and very enthusiastic about Color Plates and Rose Metal Press. We got to meet the book buyers and events coordinators from many of the stores where our authors have read, so that was neat, too.

On Friday night, SPD had a signing table at the closing reception for the Institute, which featured authors from small presses like Seven Stories, Soho, and us. Meg Tayler, our SPD rep, did an amazing job pitching the book at the breakfast for booksellers that morning, and there was a line at our table during the whole reception to talk to Adam about Color Plates and get a signed copy. The only line that was longer was for Ralph Nader, who was signing his new book of fiction, pubbed by Seven Stories, at the next table over!

A big thanks to SPD, ABA, and all the great independent booksellers we met!