Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Double the good news for They Could No Longer Contain Themselves

First things first, the collection of Five Flash Fiction Chapbooks was number three on Small Press Distribution's best-seller list last week.

Next things next, the first review is in, courtesy of Amy Kates on Flashfiction.net, and it's stellar.

"The overall wonder of this plump little gem is that there is no jockeying for space, no jostling of elbows, no stepping on toes. Yes, five authors have colored these pages with volumes of desire, longing, humor, loneliness, heartache, wit and desperation; and yes, the stories are often larger than the page, larger than the space allotted in our chests to breathe them in, but. Each individual voice is heard. Each story is a concrete, complete thing that connects with the others in the most honest and organic way. There is no point where the smoke of one story shapes itself lazily into the haze of another. These five voices are distinct, definitive, and each story smarts with such pin-prick execution you’ll be surprised not to find blood on the page," she says. Thanks, Amy!