Monday, August 15, 2011

Dawn West writes in Word Riot...

...that Betty Superman by Tiff Holland is "timeless." She also discusses how Tiff walks the knife's edge between fiction and nonfiction, saying:

The fact that this chapbook is a blend of fiction and autobiography was heavy on my mind while reading. Although, asking Holland what is true and what is imaginary never crossed my mind. That’s irrelevant. The way our minds work doesn’t allow us to remember the entire truth of anything, anyway. We strap narratives onto the backs of what we can recall, we assign importance to some things and downgrade others, we remember gulps of water but have no idea what glass, we project, we project, we project. Isn’t that lovely? We are our own stories. So it doesn’t really matter how much is true.

Read the whole review here. Thanks, Dawn.



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