Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Second Annual Independent Publishing Conference at Berea College...

...took place last weekend, and was hosted once again by Loreal Bell (in the purple shirt) and Vicky Hayes (in the plaid) of the college Learning Center, and it featured more presses than last year, including Sarabande represented by Caroline Casey (in the stripes) below:
There was a poetry slam held in a converted movie theatre, which Abby and Kathleen helped judge...
..and afterwards, there was rollerskating (with glowsticks), along with Anthony DiFiore of InGroup Press:
On Saturday, Abby taught a seminar about the various types of editing and how to find careers in the field..

...and Kathleen taught one on assorted kinds of hybridity making innovations in the publishing field:

Thanks to the students for attending...

...and the Learning Center for hosting!