Monday, October 08, 2012

A Flash Nonfiction Trifecta!

Dinty W. Moore's The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction gathered three more lovely and thoughtful reviews this past long weekend, including one from Amaris Ketcham at The Barking which says: 

"I wouldn’t recommend reading the field guide cover-to-cover in one sitting: you may want to carry this book in your laptop bag or keep it in your glove box, for those times when you are waiting on a friend at the café or pulled over at a park during your lunch break. You will want a pen and a notebook on hand. Twenty-six writers have contributed sections, each of which feature an essay that examines the form, exercises, and an example of flash nonfiction. You’ll want to sit for a while with each of these sections, work through their exercises and surprise yourself during a freewrite, and then spend some time with each of the example essays."

And this one from Lori A. May at the Wilkes University MFA Blog, and this one, also from May, at the New Orleans Review in which she says: 

"With the rise in popularity of flash nonfiction, this Field Guide demonstrates how and why the genre is so inviting to both writers and readers: this is a form well-suited for experimentation and hybridization. Contributors provide examples of flexibility within condensed memoir and essays and, though practical instruction is offered that the more advanced will find useful, writers new to the flash form may wish to consult titles listed in the “Further Reading” appendix to gain an even broader sense of structure."


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