Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Trailer for But Our Princess Is in Another Castle!

Check out the book trailer for B.J. Best's book of video game-inspired linked prose poems But Our Princess Is in Another Castle, publishing March 5!

Huge thanks to movie-maker extraordinaire Chris Weiher for creating this trailer!

About the book:
THE COLOR, NOISE, AND OFTEN CRYPTIC IMAGES OF CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES set the prose poems in B.J. Best’s But Our Princess Is in Another Castle in motion, but the poems soar far beyond their nostalgic springboards. And while Mario, Pac-Man, and pioneer families forsaken on The Oregon Trail populate these pixelated landscapes, this book translates the games and plays them in the real world, so an Asteroid becomes just one more star shot with lost love, Space Invaders might have communist sympathies, and God is just as bad at Tetris as the rest of us. Written for gamers and non-gamers alike, the book’s levels explore how our past virtual lives can inform our present actual ones. A coming-of-age narrative turned love story turned philosophical journey, But Our Princess Is in Another Castle deftly combines two mediums into vivid poems as lyrical as they are imaginative.

Available for preorder in February and launching on March 5! 

Visit for more details and to see where B.J. will be reading from the book this spring! 


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