Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Early October Roundup

The leaves are changing all over the trees and the reviews are going up all over the internet of the latest two Rose Metal Press titles, Kim Henderson's The Kind of Girl and Kelcey Parker's just-released Liliane's Balcony: A Novella of Fallingwater.

Dennis James Sweeney reviews the former at HTML Giant, writing of Kim's award-winning chapbook that "Rose Metal Press put out a collection here with a similar appeal: spectacularly written, thematically complex, and/but formally comprehensible." You can read the whole thing here. Thanks, Dennis! 

And the Pittsburgh City Paper recommends not one but two upcoming readings from the latter here, suggesting that the book's focus on Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture will make it of particular interest to Pennsylvania residents.

Gemma Alexander also has a wonderful review of Liliane's Balcony in the latest issue of Bookslut here in which she writes: "When a book plays with its shape as much as Liliane's Balcony does, it is tempting to focus on form. But like the house in which it is set, Parker's novella-in-flash contains a genuinely touching human story -- several, actually -- equally deserving of attention. At its core is the lifelong failed marriage between Edgar and Liliane Kaufmann, who commissioned Fallingwater as a weekend house. Parker incorporates documented events and actual letters written by Edgar to Liliane into an intimate fictional vision of Liliane's lonely life in her dream house over the water. Cantilevered off of this central narrative is a collection of vignettes in the voices of contemporary tourists viewing the house." Thanks, Gemma! 

Last but not least, Talking Writing, which published an excerpt of Kelcey's novella back in 2010, published another excerpt from it this week, which you can read here.  You can order the book and read the whole thing yourself here. Add to cart! 


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