Sunday, August 27, 2006

Now accepting donations!

As you may have noticed, our blog now has a new button through which you can make a donation to Rose Metal Press.

Since we are currently raising start-up funding to publish Brevity & Echo, we hope that you’ll consider donating to help us get off the ground. We’ve applied for nonprofit status, so your gift will be tax deductible.

You’ll also be listed on our website as a friend of the press and acknowledged in the front of Brevity & Echo as a sponsor of the book. Donors will be listed in sponsorship ranges based on the size of their donation. If you’d like more details about the ranges, please contact us.

And if you’d rather not donate through the blog, you can always send a good old-fashioned check made out to Rose Metal Press to Abby (email for more details on the mailing address).

If you have friends or colleagues who are interested in supporting the literary arts, please let them know about us!


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