Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Video games and what's in a name...

...are the subjects included in some recent coverage of Rose Metal Press authors B.J. Best and Dinty W. Moore.

In the Printers Row section of yesterday's Chicago Tribune, Courtney Crowder writes of Best's collection But Our Princess Is in Another Castle that, "Like how Mario must keep searching for his princess, Best wants the book to encourage readres to continue seeking whatever or whoever makes them happy. He also hopes the book will help legitimize video games as an art form. " You can read the whole thing, "B.J. Best's power-up poetry," here. Thanks, Courtney!

In Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Nick Ostdick interviews Best, asking him such questions as "I'd be remiss, given this whole discussion, if I didn't ask what game(s) you're playing right now? I mean, I assume you're playing something, be it classic or modern." You can read the whole interview here. Thanks, Nick!

And in The Nervous Breakdown, the goofily named Matthew Batt asks the equally well-named Dinty W. Moore, editor of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Nonfiction, questions about his moniker. You can read their delightful exchange here. Thanks, Matthew Batt!


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