Monday, June 17, 2013

Curbside Splendor and the Literateur...

...both have new reviews of Rose Metal Press titles, and both of those reviews are lovely.

In Curbside, Joey Pizzolato writes of But Our Princess Is in Another Castle by B.J. Best that: "This is not a book you read quickly; rather, dissect, spend the same innumerable hours with as you did playing video games when you were young and trying to get the high score in Pacman or beat Ganon in The Legend of Zelda.  Like video games, Best’s prose poems will take you to secret worlds filled with anything you can imagine (and some things you never thought you could). "

And in The Literateur, Nikolai Duffy writes of The Louisiana Purchase by Jim Goar that "It’s the ambition of this book that really sets it apart from much recent poetry. It’s tradition and life and learning shot through with the quirks of the individual. The fact that Rose Metal Press have wrapped all this up in the surrounds of a beautifully and thoughtfully produced book makes the experience of engaging with Goar’s text all the more enjoyable."

Thanks, Joey and Nikolai!


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