Friday, October 18, 2013

Booklist and the Utne Reader... Rose Metal Press books, and will tell you as much. Katharine Fronk, writing in Booklist, says of Kelcey Parker's Liliane's Balcony "Not unlike Fallingwater's structure, which masterfully balances the man-made with the natural, Parker sculpts and controls myriad, nearly unwieldy elements to construct a driven plot that illuminates the perched house and those who live within it." Thanks, Katharine!

And Christian Williams writing in the Utne Reader, says of B.J. Best's But Our Princess Is in Another Castle, "While Best is certainly a fine advocate for categorizing video games as visual art, he excels at capturing the essence of adolescence in But Our Princess. Using video games as a jumping off point for his poignant memories of growing up in Wisconsin, Best masterfully blends the reality of those memories with the fantasy worlds from his favorite games." You can read the whole thing here. Thanks, Christian!

Verse Wisconsin's Lisa Vihos has similar words of praise for B.J.'s book, writing, "I must state here and now that I know very little about this particular realm of cultural subtext. I did not spend hours on Saturday afternoons playing Donkey Kong, or shut out the world on the drive to the grocery store glued to my Gameboy with Mario‚Äôs fate in my hands. I have never been up until 2 a.m. eating cold pizza and playing Grand Theft Auto. And yet. And yet. These things seep into consciousness. There is something that resonates here." You can read it all here. Thanks, Lisa!

And last but not least, Inside IU from Indiana University South Bend where Kelcey teaches, has this write-up of her new book here


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