Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Late Spring Reviews

Major thanks to the many reviewers for their many recent reviews of RMP titles, including this one of Gregory Robinson's All Movies Love the Moon by Christy Crutchfield at the Small Press Book Review, and this one by KC Kirkley of Curbside Splendor, not to mention this fantastic feature on Gregory by Jarret Keene of the Vegas Seven. Shadowplay also admires this book and they say so here. But that's not all--thanks to Shawnte Orion for his review here, and to Brian Sheridan of the Short Curator for his here, and to Michael Jauchen for his review at the LA Review of Bookhere. But wait--there's more! Thanks to Alyssa Walker for her review of Robinson's book at Lit City 312 here.

Thanks also to Ryan Bradley of Redivider for his coverage of Kelcey Parker's Liliane's Balcony here.

And last but far from least, thank you to Kate Flaherty for including Rose Metal Press in the Indy Spotlight Series at the Ploughshares blog here.


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