Sunday, March 09, 2014

Springing ahead with some late winter reviews

Today, Daylight Saving Time kicked in. What better use of the extra hour of light at the end of the day than to round up some of the coverage Rose Metal Press titles have gotten in the past month or so? 

Over at Necessary Fiction, Laura Knight Moretz reviewed Kelcey Parker's Liliane's Balcony, saying, "Parker’s clear prose carries the reader along the liquid plaits of a braided book. Like water, the words are translucent and conduct light." You can read the whole review here

And at New Pages, Courtney McDermott writes of the novella-in-flash that "Parker has convincingly established that the novella is a form worth reading in its own right." You can read the whole review here. And here at Short Curator Brian Sheridan says that, "The author’s abundant research into Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision and achievement in Fallingwater provides palpable structure to the story, but to Parker’s credit that factual horizon opens up the possibilities of this tale of love with its wild rewards and disappointments, rather than damming them."

Liliane's Balcony is also featured on p. 67 of the February-March issue of Shelf Unbound, which you can read here, and Marcella Prokop reviewed it for Curbside Splendor here, writing that, "In using so many voices, Parker leaves herself room to find every word the spirits themselves can no longer say."

The talented Valerie Sayers interviewed Kelcey about the book for the Sunday Rumpus here, and Brad Listi interviewed her for his Other People Podcast here.

Over here, in Electric Literature's Great 2014 Indie Press Review, Leah Angstman writes of our forthcoming release, All Movies Love the Moon by Gregory Robinson, "Couple Robinson’s rich prose poems with the fact that everything Rose Metal Press creates looks like it just fell from heaven on a velvet pillow, and you’ve got yourself a book that will look and feel as perfect as it reads."

And last but not least, Kay Cosgrove reviews B.J. Best's But Our Princess Is in Another Castle for Pleiades, writing that "Best is true to the prose form consistently throughout the collec­tion, although at times deep lyric—and romantic—moments occur amidst the prose."You can read the whole piece here.

Thanks to everyone for the excellent write-ups!


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Thanks for the shout-out, ladies! Glad to help out. Feel free to use any parts of that blurb for anything you'd like. It was wonderful to meet you at AWP! Keep rockin'!

Leah Angstman

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