Monday, October 28, 2013

A Starred Review in Publishers Weekly!

Liliane's Balcony by Kelcey Parker just received one. "Readers skeptical of the short form or the experimental shape of a multi-voiced, time-jumping narrative have nothing to fear. Parker deftly weaves each character's spidery thread into a rich meditation on the natural and built worlds, the lasting and the passing. The present echoes the past that thrums beneath the roar of the falls, and Parker delivers a symphony of histories both real and imagined," it says. You can read the whole thing here

And if you've been wondering what the soundtrack for Kelcey's book might sound like, you can find out here in the Book Notes Series from Largehearted Boy where Kelcey sets her story to songs by The National, Nina Simone, The Modern Lovers, and more.

Also, in this past week's Chicago Tribune, Courtney Crowder did a lovely write-up of Kim Henderson's chapbook The Kind of Girl, including quotes from contest judge Deb Olin Unferth and Kim's former writing teacher Daniel Mueller at the University of New Mexico who says, "I'm guessing she struck most people as painfully shy, and yet the voice of her stories was so self-possessed, articulate, nuanced, and wise, the gift so pronounced, that one felt in the presence of a living breath contradiction. ... What I love most about Kim's stories, then and now, are how deeply felt they are, and how honest." You can read the whole thing here. Thanks, Courtney! 


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