Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fourth of July Roundup

What's more Independence Day than independent publishing?

Some items worth celebrating from around the  internet include the fact that The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction edited by Dinty W. Moore was selected as the fourth place winner/honorable mention in the categories of both Anthologies and Writing for the Foreword Book of the Year Awards.

Connotation Press has an interview with artist Cheryl Gross that focuses largely on her collaboration with Nicelle Davis, whose In the Circus of You is forthcoming in Spring of 2015.

And the Ilanot Review, an Israeli journal of creative writing in English, has an interview with RMP editors Abby Beckel and Kathleen Rooney in their July 2013 issue. Thanks to Janice Weizman and Marcela Sulak for the questions.

Finally, thanks to Justin McElroy for this smashing review of But Our Princess is in Another Castle by B.J. Best over at the videogame site Polygon!


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