Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Trailer for Contest Winner The Imagination of Lewis Carroll

We are thrilled to release the book trailer for this year's contest-winning chapbook: William Todd Seabrook's The Imagination of Lewis Carroll. The chapbook will launch in early August.

Special thanks to Nikki Lee and Todd Seabrook for creating the trailer!

About The Imagination of Lewis Carroll, winner of the RMP 8th Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest, chosen by judge Michael Martone :

Written in a series of quick, curious moments, The Imagination of Lewis Carroll is a fabulist biography that eschews sense for nonsense and accuracy for truth. A logic instructor at Christ College, Lewis Carroll was a man who tied knots in words and stared at chessboards, a man who stammered before adults and soared in front of children, a man who lived in a world that was not our own. But Carroll didn't live in Wonderland or the Looking Glass—he lived in a world far more bizarre and far more lonely. This novella-in-flash straddles Carroll's double life, where he teetered precariously between fantasy and reality. William Todd Seabrook's spare but vivid stories invite readers to experience the world as Carroll did—down the rabbit hole of imagination.

Preordering will begin in late June at www.rosemetalpress.com.


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