Tuesday, March 28, 2006

MISSION STATEMENT & Call for submissions

Rose Metal Press, Inc. is a publisher of hybrid genre works. We plan to publish short short fiction (short stories under 1500 words), prose poetry, novel-in-verse or book-length linked poems, and other literary works that move beyond the traditional genres of poetry, fiction, and essay to find new forms of expression. In observing the literary community, we have seen that many, many writers are doing fruitful and exciting work in these hybrid genres, but they have limited opportunities to publish that work because few commercial publishers accept submissions in unusual genres. We plan to help fill this void by focusing our mission around supporting their work and expanding the field of publishing.

Currently, we are putting together an anthology of previously published short short stories by the graduate and undergraduate alumni of Emerson College. If you are an Emerson alum and have had a short short published, we would like to cordially invite you to send us a copy of your published short shorts for consideration for inclusion in the anthology.

Also, if you know of any Emerson alums who have also had short shorts published, we hope you will consider passing this invitation along to them, or putting them directly in touch with us.

Emerson's WLP Department was one of the first and remains one of the only programs to offer specific classes in and extensive support for the short short. Our anthology will be a celebration of this continuing legacy and of short shorts as a rich and expanding genre. It's going to be a terrific collection, and we hope that you will submit your work.

Please email us a copy of the short shorts you have had published, including the date and place of publication. The submission deadline is April 15. Please send your submission to rosemetalpress at gmail dot com.

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