Friday, January 24, 2014

Wintry Weather, Warm Reviews

January's been cold, but the coverage of Rose Metal Press titles has not. Just take this review by Spencer Dew of Kim Henderson's The Kind of Girl  in decomP: "Henderson sets each phrase down like a tile, building a monument of denial, framing the absence at the center of her language."

And this review by Daniel M. Shapiro of But Our Princess is in Another Castle by B.J. Best in Arsenic Lobster: "Even though video games inspired the poem titles of But Our Princess Is in Another Castle and give the book its distinctive thread, the book has much to offer for people who have no interest in Googling “Kid Icarus,” “Astrosmash,” or “Grim Fandango” (although doing so would reveal hidden riches). At times, only a faint trace of a game is detectable, as when the speaker of “Loom” recalls his mother ironing while footage of the Challenger explosion replays on TV, or when “Excitebike” incorporates pathos in its depiction of parenting."

And this review by Pauline  Masurel of Kelcey Parker's Liliane's Balcony in The Short Review: "The building blocks of Liliane’s Balcony are the words themselves, and the words are beautifully handled, the layers well-constructed.  Adventurous and worth the risk, like Fallingwater itself, this book is sound. As Frank Lloyd Wright said: ‘The truth is more important than the facts.’"

And this one by Micah McCrary, also of Liliane's Balcony in The Nervous Breakdown: "She wants a story weighted by words—words we won’t discard or mistrust, with a fusion of ideas and language that can’t be ignored. If we indeed write the stories we want to read, with the words we know we need to hear, then she’s given us what she must be longing for: a story that more than falls at our feet. She’s given us a story that, like water, falls ever so timidly—so slow at the start, and then, all at once, in a rush."

Thanks to all the reviewers and magazines for the excellent coverage.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Book Trailer for All Movies Love the Moon

We are thrilled to present the book trailer for Gregory Robinson's All Movies Love the Moon: Prose Poems on Silent Film, launching March 18!

Much admiration and many thanks to Adam Davis and Gregory Robinson for creating this trailer!

Pre-ordering for All Movies Love the Moon will begin in February.

Details about the book:

Anyone who watches silent movies will notice how often crashes occur—trains, cars, and people constantly collide and drama or comedy ensues. Gregory Robinson’s All Movies Love the Moon is also a collision, a theater where prose, poetry, images, and history meet in an orchestrated accident. The result is a film textbook gone awry, a collection of linked prose poems and images tracing silent cinema’s relationship with words—the bygone age of title cards. The reel begins with early experiments in storytelling, such as Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon and Edison’s The European Rest Cure, and ends with the full-length features that contested the transition to talkies. Of course, anyone seeking an accurate account of silent movies will not find it here. Through Robinson’s captivating anecdotes, imaginings, and original artwork, the beauty of silent movies persists and expands. Like the lovely grainy films of the 1910s and 20s, All Movies Love the Moon uses forgotten stills, projected text, and hazy frames to bring an old era into new focus. Here, movies that are lost or fading serve as points of origin, places to begin.

MARCH 2014
Prose Poetry and Original Artwork
ISBN: 978-0-9887645-5-2

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