Friday, October 02, 2015

Spring Reading Period Results

This past May we held an open submission period for text/art works and prose poetry manuscripts. We received 164 submissions, all of which showcased the creativity and wide range of styles and techniques being used in even just these two subcategories of the hybrid genre field. Reading submissions is a pleasure and always reaffirms our mission here at Rose Metal Press. We are grateful for the opportunity to read and consider so much great cross-genre work.

After careful consideration of all of the manuscripts, we have selected two books to publish: 

Monster Portraits by Sofia Samatar and Del Samatar 
Releasing in Spring 2018 

Ghostographs by Maria Romasco Moore 
Releasing in Spring 2019 

We'd also like to recognize the following finalists from the reading period:

The Nature of Hairwork by Emily Blair 
The Old Man's Illustrated Library by Johnny Damm 
Collected Drawn Essays, 2005-2015 by Miriam Libicki 
The Unbroken Child by Nicole Matos 
The State of Our Union by Julie Marie Wade 

We look forward to working with Sofia, Del, and Maria on their books and sharing them with you all in 2018 and 2019!

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