Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Results of Our 2017 Open Reading Period

This past August we had an open submission period for full-length books in hybrid genres. We received 328 manuscripts—a very strong group that showcased the impressive variety of cross-genre work being produced both nationally and internationally.

We are thrilled to announce we have selected the following three books for publication:

Audubon’s Sparrow by Juditha Dowd

V by Sheila O’Connor

Love in the Ruins: A Survival Guide for Life After Normal
by Nicole Walker and David Carlin

We look forward to sharing these books with you in 2019 and beyond.

We also want to recognize the work of seven finalists:

throughsmoke: an essay in notes by Jehanne Dubrow

Florida Man (A History) by Tyler Gillespie

Dancefloor by Brian Oliu

Chola Mona Lisa & Other Pieces by Monique Quintana

Savage Pageant by Jessica Stark

Proof That Something Happened by Tony Trigilio

Polalka by Karolina Zapal

Congratulations to our four new RMP authors and the seven finalists, and thanks to everyone who submitted to our open reading period!

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